Day 137, Saint Katharine’s Dock Rest Day No 1…Wednesday 10th October 2018.

What a lovely day weather wise …wall to wall sunshine, 23 deg C and blue skies everywhere.

Poli Poli is the third boat next to Margaret’s left ear!


After Mike and Christine departed to go to London Zoo for the day, Chris ( who was seriously injured in an accident on Poli Poli when he slipped on the coach roof and damaged his knee back in early August whilst we were in the process of climbing the eight locks going up Neptune’s Staircase on the Caledonian Canal in Scotland  ), arrived in Saint Katherine’s Dock, London.

It was good to see Chris again. He had driven himself all the way down from Naseby  in Leicestershire to collect the remainder of his belongings from the boat. Chris looked well, appearing fit and tanned, wearing snazzy shorts and sailing  shoes…except for his knee.

Chris and Margaret in summer garb, cockpit Poli Poli , Saint Katharine’s Dock, 10th October.


He had undergone a major op in Inverness and had a wire attached to various screws and bolts to hold his knee cap in place.. he was walking …and driving!

We sat in the cockpit in warm sunshine, scoffed cheese sandwiches made by M plus cups of tea and had a good chin wag. Sadly Chris had to cancel his big holiday to Canada but was still planning to do a two week sail in the Caribbean in January and according to the medics and supervising Physio he was doing very well and on the way to a full recovery.

We walked back to his car ( a very posh Jag ) and as he purred off out of the underground car park, T went for a haircut whilst M sat outside a deli and had a cold drink. Then after shopping in Waitrose, it was back to the boat…it was good to see Chris again, and even better, to see the recovery he had made.

Our next visitor arrived just after 7pm in Saint Katherine’s…Robert ( who had sailed with us from Whitby to Scarborough off the north East Yorkshire coast in late September. Robert was down in London for work meetings, and we enjoyed a fine meal at the Mala Indian Restaurant which overlooks the marina. Mike will never forget the plate of onion rings he ordered as a side dish! A good day all round…the good weather a real treat.

Margaret took the photo below…sunset through Tower Bridge on the River Thames…just outside Saint Katharine’s Dock.


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