Day 109, Wednesday 12th September…finally the escape from Peterhead…now in“Smokie”town!

It all started this morning, Wednesday …….that is with the tinkling symphony played out underneath the hull below the aft cabin where I sleep ( 108 nights now ) …well there are three movements to the symphony ..first  tinkling, then slapping and finally the crescendo known as slamming.  Listen carefully and you can work out long before you look out, the state of the sea and what the wind is up to.

This morning was silence …wind orchestra just warming up ….. then a little tinkling…no more. Then I sensed through the curtains, a little sunshine..time to look at forecast at 6 am. Terrible…then look outside…sunny and calm… then check Met Office against XC weather and Boatie! Not the same so check Navionics…window of opportunity for escape plan in morning …. let’s go.

We let go our lines at 9am on a breezy sunny morning and headed  out into Peterhead Bay Harbour. Progress escape stopped by Port Control …had to hold Station for 20 minutes whilst he let in the big ship’s!

We were out into the North Sea by 9.45am … big big white horses and 20 knot sou’ westerly medium sized waves. Virtually head to wind…so motoring the safest way to proceed south.

We soon passed Aberdeen ( yachts not welcome ) , Stonehaven was the halfway point and by now we had picked up the down tide so we decided to try for Abroath…another 30 or so miles…and had to be there by 7.30pm at the latest. The marina has cill tidal gates which only open  3 hours before high tide and 3 hours afterwards.

Through some challenging conditions ..wind speeds got up to 30 knots at one point…and the terrible practice of placing lobster pots along the leading line into a recognised port is disgraceful… rant over… but an awful practice all the same.

Met by Grant at the outer harbour …the Harbour Master of Arbroath..and what a warm welcome we had. A real professional, helpful in every respect pointing out shops, supermarkets, pubs, showers, toilets, etc etc and on duty until well gone 7pm. We had spoken to Grant on the phone at 7am that morning…the only thing was …he didn’t think we would make it!! Well Poli Poli is made of sterner stuff!!

All tied up safely by 7pm and in the pub recommended by Grant…The Old Brew House on the harbour front. Wonderful meal of Arbroath Smokies..and lovely atmosphere plus excellent service. Repleat and tired after 10 hours on the North Sea…we retired to our beds…wonder what the

orchestra will play under me tonight??


Peterhead to Arbroath 66n. miles.

My Arbroath Smokie main course…put in for my big sister and below my dessert…Scottish dumpling called Cootie ( I think ).

Total miles from Eastbourne now : 2,081.8 n. miles.

My pudding …old fashioned yes…but lovely! Scottish Clootie.


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