Day 108 …Tuesday 11th September..another bad weather day…in Peterhead,Scotland.

No we are not “stir crazy” yet…as one of our esteemed followers suggested today …of course he was in shorts and sailing southwards beyond Brittany to northern Spain…and he had the cheek to ask us to send him some of our “excess  wind”!!

Well yet another poor forecast, heavy showers and gale force winds have kept us here in Peterhead Marina all day.

Just had an amazing orange, pink, red tinged sunset which was accompanied by two very strong westerly gusts of wind which made Poli Poli roll somewhat on her berth. As if to say …no a red sky does not mean good weather tomorrow!

We have watched the tv forecast and looked at the surface pressure charts for tomorrow…and have noted, crossly, the arrival of yet another depression across northern Scotland. So tomorrow is not looking any better.

So today Tuesday, between  the showers we walked into the town …to Weatherspoons pub the Cross Keys…to have our meal. A long walk as the marina is around the big bay from the main port and town. Very windy ….yet there were brief glimpses of the sun and the odd patch of blue sky. We don’t mind the rain ..all we want is for the winds to die down.

The sky over Peterhead Marina at 3pm this afternoon….lovely backdrop to the marina…note prison too!


Each day here in Peterhead our options are;

1. Peterhead to Aberdeen ( all the reports signal that Aberdeen does not welcome sailing yachts and has no marina ).

2. Peterhead to Stonehaven …about 30 n.miles. No marina so no pontoons. You moor up against the stone harbour wall. Rumour has it that Stonehaven has the finest fish and chips in the entire British Isles…and Mars bars fried in batter!

3. Peterhead to Arbroath…about 50 n. miles. Half way to Edinburgh. Has a marina inside an enclosed harbour wall.

4. Peterhead to Edinburgh all in one sail…about 110 n. Miles and a 14 hour journey.

We just need a change in the weather here. Definitely not stir crazy Jonathan!

2 thoughts on “Day 108 …Tuesday 11th September..another bad weather day…in Peterhead,Scotland.

  1. Gotta be Option 3 Arbroath as there is A Greasy Spoon and Smokey right next to the marina and home of 45 Commando Royal Marines my old unit and stomping ground. Try a pint of Tartan and you will sleep well!!

    After that it won’t be long before you can put the passports away. So chin up Poli Poli!

    Night Watchman


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