Day 46, Rest Day in Liverpool… Wednesday 11th July, 2018.

A very warm, sunny bright and very dry day. On this day T walked over 20,000 steps some 7 miles…. and Mike the same….. some rest day! So much to do, so much to see.

Firstly, a lovely big full English ( note not Irish or Welsh today )…. but we are back in England and can request English mustard to go with the sausages, bacon and black pudding…. without feeling guilty! This was enjoyed in a restaurant inside the Albert Dock with a fantastic window view of the Liver Building through a gap in the distinctive warehouses.


View of the Liver Building from within the Albert Dock, Liverpool…. breakfast time. The other two iconic buildings can also be seen.

We walked the full length of the river frontage from the marina to Pier Head a number of times on this, our rest day. Who says you don’t get any exercise sailing??? Mike took a big yellow open top tour bus ride of the City to see the main sights ( I had done similar on my previous visit with Margaret and her Dad ). IMG_6112.JPG

Mike disappearing on the top deck.

I visited the hugely successful redevelopment of the Liverpool shopping area known now as Liverpool One. This is a great achievement and done on a magnificent scale… rewarded by the visits of millions of people from all over the world…. not just the shops but to all the iconic landmarks…. including the 60’s music scene. Where ever there is a John Lewis store… and Liverpool is no exception… it is a pleasure…. and a different type of shopping experience. I bought a set of three pens for mapwork!

Mike failed to recognise the statue of Billy Fury ( a Liverpudlian )….so we went to find the four statues of the Beatles over near Pier Head. To my horror they had disappeared. In their place was a huge black wall of a fence…. patrolled by security guards. We spied John, Paul, Ringo and George when we found a crack in the fence. We noticed a huge screen in the fenced off compound. This was to be the setting for the big football match that evening…. the World Cup semi final between Croatia and England. We saw the television cameras in place and the media vans. So Mike did not get to see, at close hand, the “Fab Four” in sculpted form.

We spent most of the afternoon in the new Museum of Liverpool…. and what a treat and marvel this is. Brilliant….. a new way of presenting history…. wonderful stories and insights into the people of the City, their history and their times. And free….. amazing. Photo below is from the Museum… a Roger McGough poem about the Atlantic and Liverpool as a great seaport.


In the evening, we had our supper at the Liverpool Yacht Club by the marina. It was here, sitting outside, we watched England lose in extra time to Croatia. Not doom and gloom at all. They are a young team and will come again.

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