Follow Poli Poli across the Bay of Biscay to NW Spain and Baiona……

Once we have departed Plymouth Poli Poli will head out into the English Channel and head south to the Bay of Biscay. We will be out of internet and mobile phone range.

You can follow our progress on a site called Vessel Finder…. just type in Poli Poli…. this is an AIS site and you can track us. Also go to the ARC Portugal 2019 website and you will see links to their Facebook page and you can see our position out at sea … as well as the other 17 boats in the ARC fleet. We will resume the blog in Baiona, NW Spain. The ARC Portugal 2019 site has photos of the Poli Poli team, the boat and lots of comments about us on the Facebook page. We should land in Baiona on Thursday 6th June or Friday 7th June at the latest. Please keep in touch.

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