Day 125 Whitby Rest Day….Friday, 28th. September 2018.

What a lovely day Friday was in Whitby! Sunshine all day, blue skies and the mystery of the horrible south westerly wind which has vanished. So in photos..

D515A24E-C4A3-42EA-ADC8-DD1601E34E50On Thursday evening we were joined in Whitby by friends Judy and Robert. We dined on fine fish and chips in the Magpie Cafe …once written up by AA Gill in the Sunday Times as the “finest fish and chips.”

After breakfast at the “Singing Kettle” ( Trip Advisor “best breakfast in Whitby” …Mike did not agree …neither did T ) A second helping was had at Bothams Bakery …much better.

Mike and Robert went sight seeing round the streets of Whitby…whilst T had a long conversation with a very helpful Harbour Master about the pros and cons of either Scarborough or Bridlington. The latter marina was chosen as our next port of call.

Mike went off on an open top bus tour and got off at the Abbey and walked downhill through the town ….spying at least three goths!

T and Robert visited the Captain James Cook Memorial Museum…that took two hours…a real pleasure. The museum is based in the house ( Grape Lane ) where the young James Cook served his seaman’s apprenticeship…a very striking 17th century house.


The House in Grape Lane…where Cook served his naval apprenticeship. T took a photo of Poli Poli from the attic window.

430D678B-8931-4EE8-9B9E-8E464E6A8082.jpegPhoto looking towards the north and the sea…Whitby…Poli Poli on the right then above is Whitby Abbey. Note…we have not seen sky that colour for a long, long time!


Poli Poli in the morning sun, Whitby Marina. Friday 28th September.



Photo above …Poli Poli in the afternoon sun…taken from the attic window. Whitby has always been a famous boat building town…the two big white buildings are the current boat builders.

Mike took the photo below from the graveyard in the Abbey…Poli Poli is there somewhere!


The photo below 43938D1F-B0BF-4AD0-88D3-5AD029C84288of the harbour entrance at Whitby taken by Mike….so calm. Very different from our entry the evening before.


Whitby Abbey from the open top bus tour.

Friday was a good day all round!!

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