Day 123, Bad weather day in Amble on the River Coquet in Northumberland.

After Victoria and Alec plus their two boys left yesterday evening after a lovely meal in Amble, the south westerly wind screamed,  screeched and whistled through the masts and rigging…all night long.

Wednesday morning arrived and after a disrupted night’s sleep ..the wind continued as it had done all night long. All the weather forecasts bore a similar story of SW Force 6 and above winds…so today’s planned sail was reluctantly called off. As a consequence of tide times, we would not have been able to depart until after 2 pm this afternoon.

Amble marina on the right, from up river near Warkworth. Looking out east to the North Sea.


We spent the afternoon walking up river to the very scenic and quite charming little town of Warkworth  on the Coquet River.  A late lunch was taken in a most pleasant hostelry.

My late lunch today ….good old fashioned bangers and mash plus a big bowl of anti scurvy medication. The onion rings have nothing to do with my diet!!! They seem to appear every mealtime!


A photo of Warkworth Castle ..note blue skies and sunshine…but a wicked south westerly wind blowing.

704EBD4D-0345-4E7B-8743-8B3900C34D98.jpegAfter visiting the village stores for tomorrow’s snack lunch whilst sailing, we walked back to Amble along the river bank…by now high tide. Wildlife a plenty…swans, cormorants, herons etc plus the start of the blackberry harvest season… starling pink poo in our cockpit for the first time …lovely!

Our afternoon walk along the Coquet River…the town/village and castle in the background.


Tomorrow we plan to depart at 8am and complete a 10 hour journey south to Whitby in North Yorkshire. Just hope this south westerly eases up !!

As a consequence of today’s bad weather day…the schedule has to change yet again. The revised version is set out below:


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