Day 91, Tobermory to Mallaig…No rain,sunshine all the way. Saturday 25th August 2018.

Not true to say it didn’t rain. It did…before we left Tobermory..we had heavy showers early morning. After that, wall to wall sunshine and blue sky from Tobermory all the way to Mallaig.

We followed a yellow tripper motor boat called “Elsie” out of Tobermory harbour at 9.40am …smiling at the name “Elsie”!



Last view of Tobermory about 7am on the morning of our departure.


Mike and Christine on Poli Poli approaching  Ardnamurchan point in the background.

Breezy as we turned NW in the Sound of Mull and headed for  the famous headland known as Ardnamurchan Point… the furthest   westwards point on the mainland  in Great Britain.


Christine and Toby, top end of the Sound of Mull…Andamurchan Point.

Once safely round this wild looking  headland, we turned north east to pass the Scottish islands of Muck, Eigg and beyond the majestic mountains of Rum….and in the very far distance we could work out the highest point on the Island of Skye.

This magnificent landscape was all on our left hand or port side. On starboard we admired the craggy and majestic coastline of hills, mountains and inland lochs of mainland Scotland.


Other than watching the CalMac inter island ferries scurrying all over the place, traffic in the Sound of Sleat was light. “Elsie” had turned back to Tobermory somewhere near the island of Muck.

As we approached the port of Mallaig, 33 n.miles from Tobermory…Mike tried to raise the Harbour Master on the VHF radio but to no avail. We had made contact earlier in the day by mobile phone to assess the availability of a berth.

So we slowed down, and gently approached the southern end of the port where we found a small marina with brand new pontoons. Having not spoken to the Marina office we took a nice hammerhead berth, but in conversation with a guy called “Rob” we decided to move to a single berth next door.

Rob was doing a “three year Circumnavigation “ in stages. We tied up safely in a visitors berth at 2.30pm… in bright sunshine …all the way. So no moaning about bad weather today folks!


Mallaig Marina…Poli Poli just off top centre left. Christine took the photo below…after the pub lunch she went for a long walk up the hillside…look carefully and you can see Poli Poli . She is behind the big departing CalMac ferry.

73FDF986-CDDD-4A58-AD90-584A9DCA0C6EDistance sailed : 33 n. miles.


Distance from Eastbourne: 1,618.1 n.miles.

A great feeling to be going north!!

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