Days 87 and 88….21st and 22nd August 2018. After two days of sunshine, two days of rain…. well on and off.

Sunday and Monday were joyous days…. if you had not seen a days sunshine for three weeks ….well Sunday and Monday were a treat and certainly raised the spirits. As we all say…. the sun changes everything.

Tuesday … and the rain returned… as did the wall to wall or horizon to horizon gloom and all manner of shades of grey. Tepid water in the showers has not helped despite daily visits of the Oban plumbers van.


Margaret in the port of Oban …best remembered for the rain…but amazingly  not raining in this photo. In the background the North Pier where we caught the water taxi Pamela J from.

After just over three weeks of living aboard Poli Poli, Margaret returned south on Tuesday aboard the 12.11 pm train to Glasgow Queen Street via Loch Lomond ( over 3 hours ) and then transferred to Glasgow Central. Somewhere between the two stations M found herself in a posh 5 star hotel where she researched the quality of a cream tea…. and then boarded the London train. M got off in Wigan…. and joined her friends in Ash Vegas ( aka Ashton Under Makerfield ) and returns to the south coast tomorrow Thursday by car.


Margaret can be seen in the first window on the right. All aboard for the 12.11 from Oban to Glasgow Queen Street.


The Tesco food shopping in the marina trolley from Oban after accompanying Margaret to the train station. The Oyster in the background.

Wednesday………Todays good news is that Mike and Christine arrived from the south at about 4.15pm this afternoon.They had both a safe and good trip up here via Gatwick Airport and the Glasgow to Oban train. So all talk is now of moving on… making up for lost time…. going north and regaining our earlier momentum. Tomorrow Thursday … we intend to depart Dunstaffnage Marina and head for the Isle of Mull and the port of Tobermory. Only 25 n.miles….a short sail but it will get us started again. On the move again…..


Last view of our berth at Dunstaffnage….we are on the outer breakwater with an Oyster 55, a Discovery 67 and a Discovery 56…. about 10 million quids worth of boats!!!

Tobermory here we come.


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