Day 75, Thursday 9thAugust 2018,Vasco arrives as our new crew member all the way from Portugal. All set to depart Banavie tomorrow Friday.

A morning of extremely heavy showers and strongish southerly winds…. as usual. Big Sister Bridget exclaimed that it was also raining in East Sussex…. possibly for the first time. Trust Richard has laid the new lawn in?? Cricket at Lords in London was also rained off…. must be a first in August?

Out of the wet, T did battery checking on the boat which then necessitated a bus ride into Fort  William to purchase more topping up special battery water…. and got soaked again in the process. M did laundry work…. getting wet each time on the various trips to the laundry room ( which is also the warmest room ).

114A1A82-C15C-4229-91F3-0F2B01E7BBDB.jpegVasco, from Oporto in Portugal flew into Edinburgh yesterday just before Ryan Air pilots went on strike. Today, he caught a train to Glasgow and then one to Fort William and got off at Banavie Station which is at the bottom of Neptune’s staircase. Vasco is a PE teacher in a state school in Lisbon and will be with us on Poli Poli until the 22nd August…. when Mike and Christine will return.

After a supper of lasagne and salad, Margaret and Vasco walked down the eight locks of the staircase to Banavie Station to watch the 8.15pm arrival of the Jacobite Steam train from Mallaig, stopping at Banavie on its way to Fort William.  T did the washing up!



The signal box at Banavie Station…Margaret and Vasco await the arrival of the Jacobite Steam train.

C3ED5D06-5421-42B6-AADC-C3C4ACB8D4E2.jpegThe train finally arrives ….would have been better if it had been the right way round! Hey ho…can’t have everything!

B09D1E9B-F935-45CC-A7D3-4971A676FA40So Dad in Rusthall..what is the name of this engine??? Margaret and Vasco said hello to the driver/fireman?

Tomorrow, after boat prep’ we will depart Banavie and head north eastwards up the Caledonian Canal to Gairlochy and then onwards into Loch Lochy. Just hope the weather forecast is a little more favourable. A big, warm welcome to Vasco.F7663040-AA77-465D-BB5C-1B094A6BC6E3.jpegThe scarlet red carriages…the train did not actually stop at Banavie. It went through the station very slowly. The 8.15pm whistle blowing took place as the train arrived.


The Jacobite departs into the evening light towards Fort William. Ben Nevis in the background.

One thought on “Day 75, Thursday 9thAugust 2018,Vasco arrives as our new crew member all the way from Portugal. All set to depart Banavie tomorrow Friday.

  1. Cracking pictures, especially with Ben Nevis in the background.. look for an opportunity to have Poli Poli in the shot with the Ben in the back ground. Hope the weather stays kind for you and safe onward journey!

    Night watchman


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