Day 64, Sunday 29th July 2018, Force 8/9 in the night…. nearly blew the cockpit tent inside out! More rain… then sunshine and calm in wet, wet Oban.

Terrible night experienced Saturday night into Sunday morning…. gale blew up from the south blowing directly onto the stern… boat rolling and pitching on her berth. Gale accompanied by torrential rain. Had to go out at 11.30pm to tie dinghy down, secure our mooring lines and check everything…. howling, screaming banshee winds full of little bullets called rain drops. Got drenched plus sore face!

Sunday morning broke with calmer winds but rains started again by lunchtime. After a ferry trip  to Oban town…. more rain, and then more rain, Late afternoon all cleared up, wind died and sun… yes sun, came out. Very pleasant evening…. sea surface almost glassy.


We plan to move tomorrow Monday morning subject to the Met Office inshore waters forecast…. sailing northwards to Fort William for Corpach and the start of the Caledonian Canal. Boat prep ‘ jobs have already commenced. We depart Oban at 9am. It will be good to be moving northwards again… we have spent five nights in a very wet and windy Oban. Very frustrating!

4DF1B5C8-8351-4C3A-9CA6-F58983A5D931What is happening here? Raining in Oban. We knew the couple in the windows but despite hand signals they ignored us and continued to read the Sunday Times.

A6A2D3BD-AE73-4F1D-861E-9EB48AC1E30CSunday concluded with a lovely supper of Scottish meat pies, new potatoes, broccoli and other vegetables plus posh beef gravy.  Hope tonight the wind does not blow like last night!

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