Day 59, a dry, dry day and a sunny afternoon on our rest day in Craobh on Loch Melfort.Tuesday 24th July, 2018.

Tuesday was a good day…. after the rain of the Crinan Canal, Gigha Island and most of the way north to Craobh. It made a change to see the sunshine!! Certainly not a heat wave as in the southern parts of Britain… very cool by comparison … only 18 deg C at best. As they say “the sun changes everything.”


A photo of Craobh Marina..a bit different to most marinas…just a marina with a few holiday cottages to let…no village, no town behind it…no shops or even transport links to the nearest town. Very much “out in the sticks”! But still very nice in another sort of way.

The day was spent doing necessary jobs, some cleaning, some checking, some tidying up and a lot of laundry work… again back and forth from the boat to the laundry room next to Reception. It cost £2.50 per wash and then a £ for every 10 minutes in a drier. The latter were not all that effective so to dry one single load of washing could cost up to £5!! Have to get the laundry dry…. not easy to air or hang out damp washing!


Poli Poli on her berth in Craobh Marina…there were notices taped to all the shore power units to the effect that you were not allowed to wash your boat due to the water shortages. So the black slimy muck picked up in the 16 Crinan Canal locks had to stay on!

The term “rest day” is very much a misnomer… its really a “catch up” day for all the jobs that don’t get done when you are sailing.

The photo below is of Craobh..the few holiday homes and a scruffy unmade surface car park where after rain, became very muddy.




Craobh Marina looking to the south west…unlike many marinas…not surrounded by expensive apartment blocks and mega bucks houses…a wild landscape.


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