Day 56, Saturday 21st July 2018…could be stuck in the Crinan Canal!!

Am writing this episode from the the little village of Crinan which is the western end of the Canal. Am sat in the coffee shop using their WiFi as there is no mobile signal anywhere else.

It appears that there has been a near drought no rain situation since late May and the canal authorities are operating restrictions on the canal ie everytime they open either of the two Sea locks the freshwater drains out and the canal depth gets lower and lower.

Yesterday we moved from Ardrishaig at the eastern end to where I am now in Crinan… but the depths at best were 2 metres and at worst 1.6 metres. There is speculation that (a) that there will be severe restrictions on the outbound sea locks or (b) they will close the canal entirely and vessels already in will have to stay until the restrictions are lifted. So we wait.

  • D914079A-0744-41F0-B468-A15B7A9F2A19We are currently moored above lock 14..above the Crinan Basin and have talked to the Canal folk who say they will make a decision at 1pm today. Fingers crossed they will let us plus two other boats out to sea. So no phone signal and in limbo!!


2 thoughts on “Day 56, Saturday 21st July 2018…could be stuck in the Crinan Canal!!

  1. Down time Polipoli ..the Ben is calling ..walking boots at the ready, map, compass, and whistle! Oh you had better hire a guide as it is a good full day out.. up the hill and away you go. You will be able to see for miles and miles from the top!

    Night watchman


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