Day 19, Thursday 14th June, 2018…..a no sail day, the long fingers of Storm Hector have reached southwards to the Scilly Islands… strong winds forecast.

An ominous red line adorns most of the northern, north western, western and south western coastline warning of winds of over Force 6 strength … when there is a red line we don’t do sailing!

After a poor night of screaming banshees and Atlantic rollers rolling in down the New Grimsby Sound… we decided to stay put next door to the island of Tresco. Our plan was to sit out the effects of Storm Hector… and plan our return to the U.K. mainland on Friday when hopefully the weather might have calmed down.

By midday it was deemed to be calm enough for a dinghy ride ashore…. have a hot shower at the New Inn pub, partake in a light sandwich lunch, pay our mooring dues at the Island Office… and return unscathed by sea or wind. In fact by the afternoon it turned out to be a lovely day… sunny, blue skies, and a breeze. Christine tried her hand at helming the dinghy both to the slipway and back… successful on both occasions.

Photos above…. the slipway where we parked our dinghy on Tresco. Passage and tidal planning has taken place… the charts examined closely and route lines appended… if we want a fair tide we have to leave Tresco at 4am tomorrow morning to be in  Newlyn by 11am Friday . Nite Nite one and all.

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