Day 17…..Rest Day in Hugh Town, St Mary’s, Scilly Isles. Tuesday 12th June, 20018.

Strong northerly winds blowing all night…up to 15 knots…woke to a greyish dawn but brightened up as the day progressed. Even though Poli Poli was tethered to a green mooring buoy, head to wind all night, we all managed to sleep well despite the “rocking and rolling”!

A pleasant, no rush breakfast was held and a discussion as to our options for the rest day ahead. As there was a force 6 strong wind warning out, we decided to stay put for the rest of Tuesday and one more night. We were going to move to an anchorage called New Grimsby Sounf between the islands of Tresco and Bryher to the north. This plan was now postponed until Wednesday. At the same time we were visited by the harbour master’s rib ( dinghy ) who relieved us of £50 for a two night stay on a mooring buoy. £25 a night is quite expensive considering there are very few decent facilities… you even have to pay extra to have a shower on the main harbour breakwater.

Having learnt the “wet bums” lesson and dressed this time in “oilies” we departed for the dinghy park in quite rough conditions…short breaking waves.. but no wet bottoms this time.

Walking through the town where cleanliness and so tidy are the norms, we walked up and over to the beach at Porth Cressa.

A stunning crescent shaped white beach on arrival, clear green waters, boats at anchor and two stunning headlands either side. The “Chair” looking like a huge block of slabs of biege coloured rock  balancing on each other stands proud at the eastern entrance to Porth Cressa. Out of the wind and the sun now at full strength it was more than warm.

Drinks were taken at the eastern end of the bay at a nice cafe …a seven foot young Frenchman with a very deep voice took our order as we sat on the sea wall. So impressed were we, that an hour later we moved to an outside table and participated in a fine, light luncheon.

After shopping for supper at the local Co-Op we braved the spray and waves of St. Mary’s Pool and returned to Poli Poli.

Christine is cooking a fish curry on board this evening…which will make a nice change to eating out. We still plan to move to Tresco tomorrow.

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