Days 40, 41, and 42…5th, 6th and 7th July 2018. Dublin back to Wales in 8 hours.

533A7A99-FAA1-4874-80AA-6054D046B6D4Hello …we are currently moored to a big yellow mooring buoy at Holyhead Sailing Club ( the main marina here was wrecked by Storm Emma ) . We do not have shore power or WiFi and am writing this on my phone!! Can you see Poli Poli in the photo above? She is in the very far distance…we had to get the pink water taxi to bring us ashore!


Thursday and Friday were rest days in Dublin which I will describe when we have shore power to run the laptop and WiFi! Today Saturday we “sailed” the 59 n.miles from Ireland ( Dun Laoghaire, Dublin ) to the ferry port of Holyhead on Holy Island next to Anglesey.


The pink water taxi…Poli Poli in the background!

Tomorrow Sunday 8th July Day 41, we hope to complete the so called “Yachtsmans Challenge “ whereby we sail the “Swellies” which are a section of the Menai Straits between North Wales and Anglesey. Wish us well! Set out below is my Saturday evening homework…hope I have done my sums correctly!


2 thoughts on “Days 40, 41, and 42…5th, 6th and 7th July 2018. Dublin back to Wales in 8 hours.

  1. Good luck Take care. Many moons ago my friend was researching Menai at Bangor University, we had special permission to trawl there. Dinner was left over endless fish. Must say they were nice (1982)


    1. Hello John, yes thanks for message. Having researched passage through the Menai Straits and in particular the Swellies between the two bridges..there are metaphorical red flags flying all over the place. We have be through by 5pm – 5.30pm today Sunday..or else we go backwards. A challenge..hey ho that’s what life is about! Best Wishes Toby on Poli Poli.


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