Wet bums in Hugh Town, St Mary’s pm Monday 11th June 2018.

After tying Poli Poli up to a big green mooring buoy in the bay opposite Hugh Town, the capital of the Scilly Isles.. we had a light lunch of Cornish pasties and salad. Eager to get ashore, we made ready the inflatable dinghy known as Mister Zodiac and managed to get the big outboard engine off the guard rail and down onto the back of the dinghy.

The wind was blowing hard by now…a northerly… and the team of three set off for the dinghy park on the Hugh Town harbour wall. Three of us in the dinghy reduced the freeboard considerably and it was not long before wavelets and spray came over the side…so wet bums all round.

Horrible feeling wet trousers and underpants, walking around the shops in Hugh Town through considerable crowds of tourists who had just alighted from their day trips to different islands in the Scillies group. We had to stand in the wind and sun to “air dry” our bottoms.


Photo above….air drying our wet bums Hugh Town Bay, St. Mary’s. Lesson learnt. Later a nice meal was had at the Atlantic pub on the waterfront. Then blow me down, the wind had increased in strength by the time we left the pub…so guess what…wet bums a second time round! Serious salty spray over the top and in our faces on the way back to Poli Poli.


3 thoughts on “Wet bums in Hugh Town, St Mary’s pm Monday 11th June 2018.

  1. Should have left the boat in cozzies and packed all your clothes in a dry bag ,changed in the toilets and the same on the way back.Saves a lot of salt groin rash.Seems like you’re all having a great time anyway.


    1. Too true brother Giles… water is freezing cold here…and the salty spray … well not nice. Only Newcastle fans take their shirts off!! Toby … say hi to Pam for me.


      1. Many moons ago whilst on holiday in Jamaica,we went rafting down the Black river.Instructed to change into swimwear and all clothes stuffed in a dry bag hooked to the top of the raft as the bottom was always two or three inches underwater.Dry bags start from £3.49 on EBay,but you being a real sailor would need a good piece of kit made of canvas or similar.
        May the trade winds take you northbound!!!


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